Meet the Google Home app Android Chromecast Help

Automations organize everyday tasks, from opening the blinds and turning off porch lights to starting coffee and locking your doors2,5. The Favorites section is customizable so you can pin the devices, rooms, automations, and actions that you want quick access to, as well as check the device state. When you arrive home, Google Home can […]

Chromecast Setup

With Google Home, it’s easy to build and automate your smart home. Choose from thousands of devices to make your home more comfortable, safe, and efficient. Wake up to energizing music as the sun rises and turn on your TV3 with Chromecast6 to play the news. On Friday nights, abandship 2 in 1 kegel balls […]

Find the Google Play Store app Google Play Help

If you can’t install Chrome on your Windows computer, your computer might be in S mode. If you want to download and install Chrome, learn more about how to exit S mode. This device won’t receive updates because Google Chrome no longer supports your operating system. Your feed keeps you in the know about the […]

Download the app for Android and iPhone

Googles website and search bar itself often has dark text and the search bar is bright white with odd colored text that’s hard to see. I’ve noticed this isn’t just a iOS problem either – it occurs on my Mac as well. I also struggle with cluttered web pages as it results in distraction and […]

OpenAI’s official ChatGPT app for Android arrives on the Play Store

Microsoft’s new AI search engine is powered by OpenAI’s architecture. The upgraded version of Bing features a new AI search assistant which can be used to answer your specific questions, scouring the internet so you don’t have to. Jasper AI is a popular alternative to ChatGPT which uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 software. It is an artificial […]

Introducing the ChatGPT app for iOS

However, its arrival feels more like a demo than anything, offering the same features but watered down in an apparent effort to get users over on the Edge browser. The ChatGPT Android app can also provide creative inspiration, professional input, and learning opportunities. Since the release of ChatGPT, we’ve heard from users that they love […]