What is Leverage in Forex? Forex Leverage Explained

But in fact, the leverage here is 1 to 10, which is not provided by any exchange. A cross-rate is a currency exchange rate that doesn’t include the USD. But the collateral here is also calculated in the currency that is in the first place in the ratio. But it should be noted that though […]

The Complete Guide to MACD Indicator

Content Forex Trader’s Guide to Major Economies: The United States How is MACD Calculated? Contents a Disciplined Trader Overbought and Oversold Conditions Investors use indicators for trading alerts, to confirm other indicators, forecast prices, and guide entry and exit decisions. Moreover, price divergence, which MACD attempts to identify, may not always accurately predict a trend […]

Лайм ФХ Rebate Лайм ФХ Cashback Service

The trader registers on the rebate service website that is a partner of the Лайм ФХ Rebates Program and undergoes identification. Then the trader opens an account with Лайм ФХ broker, deposits money, connects personal accounts of broker and rebate service, and receives payment for each transaction, even loss-making one. All traders, while trading on […]

Retention Ratio Formula Calculator Excel template

The retention ratio is typically higher for growth companies that are experiencing rapid increases in revenues and profits. New companies typically don’t pay dividends since they’re still growing and need the capital to finance growth. However, established companies usually pay a portion of their retained earnings out as dividends while also reinvesting a portion back […]

Futures And Options Trading A Beginners Guide Forbes Advisor INDIA

Content Clearing account How should I start investing in futures? Difference Between Futures and Options The Margin for Futures Contracts Advantages and Disadvantages of Futures Trading What Should I Look Out for When Selecting a Futures Trading Platform? Carolyn Kimball is managing editor for Reink Media and the lead editor for the Annual Review. […]

A ballpark estimate Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Strangely, the meaning of the term is for a general estimate, but baseball is a sport driven by accurate statistics and record keeping. If you ask someone for a “ballpark figure” on building you a garage at home, then you’re asking them for a rough estimate on the costs of the work. You are not […]