Sober living allows you to regain the positive aspects of your life. At Olympia House Rehab, we address co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety that can impact addiction. Take time to reflect on what is important to you, how addiction has negatively affected you, and how your life will improve with sobriety. The hardest part to recovery is admitting you have an addiction.

how to break an addiction

If your friends try to force you into using drugs or drinking with them when you are trying to get sober, be honest and straightforward with them. Good friends will assist you in reaching your goal rather than put you back. There are several places to get help for addiction; however, having a strong support system is crucial in any treatment method you choose. If you aren’t ready to talk to your family or friends about your addiction problem, turn to a doctor, therapist, or treatment facility. Although addiction to a person isn’t a formal medical diagnosis, it’s possible to fall into a pattern of emotional dependence on someone.

Make time for movement

For example, separate from those who would encourage you to be involved with the object of your addiction (drug, alcohol, or behavior). If you are trying to quit drinking, get rid of any alcohol, bottle openers, wine glasses, and corkscrews. If you’re trying to quit gambling, remove any playing cards, scratch tickets, or poker chips. Also, don’t let other people use or bring reminders of the addiction-related substance or behavior into your home. After taking these preparatory steps, set a date in the near future — like the coming weekend — from which point onward the addictive trigger foods won’t be touched again. As with other addictions, food addiction may take an emotional toll and increase a person’s risk of premature death.

Those who fast for less than a month will still see benefits, she said, though they likely won’t be as dramatic. One approach Dr. Lembke has found to be highly effective in her clinical practice is to completely avoid using all screens, not just phones, for anywhere from a day to a month. Addiction treatment is more than managing triggers and cravings. It’s about finding permanent freedom from the grip of substance use.

How To Break an Addiction

Finding something similar to your bad habit can help you easily replace it. If you only have the choice to give into your habit or stay at an equilibrium, your habit will likely influence your choosing. Lembke warns that you’ll probably feel a lot worse before you start feeling better. A dopamine hit brings about pleasure, and then is quickly followed by pain, or a come-down, in order to keep us motivated. Lembke says this balancing see-saw of pleasure and pain made sense in the time of early humans, when we had to constantly search for our basic needs – food, water, shelter. With addiction, you want to make sure that you set yourself for success.

Do ADHD people chase dopamine?

As you know, one trademark of ADHD is low levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine — a chemical released by nerve cells into the brain. Due to this lack of dopamine, people with ADHD are "chemically wired" to seek more, says John Ratey, M.D., professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School in Boston.